Monday September 7, 2020 - Coming to a screen near you!


On Monday September 7, 2020, an alliance of labor and community organizations, will launch Labor Day 2020 a new Internet broadcast channel and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign dedicated to increasing the power of working people for a world that works.

Labor Day is a federal holiday celebrated in the United States to honor American workers. It is a critical day for November election campaigning. Labor Day 2020 will begin a 24-hour ongoing Internet broadcast that celebrates working people and urges them to organize and vote. It will combine inspiring music videos with short information segments that engage people's hearts and minds and promotes GOTV efforts. This is done by delivering streaming video that fits into people's media mix as background or foreground.

Today, 24-hour sports and news channels continually broadcast in various environments. Using a similar format, Labor Day 2020 will present entertaining and engaging 24-7 continuous content for labor education and action.

Labor Day 2020 is designed to be an "edutainment" vehicle that tunes people into changing the world. Today, people-powered Internet broadcasting reaches more people than corporate commercial media. The world is shifting from passively listening to politicians and pundits - to active citizenship - with climate striking students, women marching and labor uniting with social justice movements.

Labor Day 2020 is a two-way channel for labor and community groups promoting GOTV efforts in the field. We support, and are supported by, unions and groups in common cause with labor. We actively include voices and content from multicultural and multigenerational people and groups.

We must elect leaders that legislate the agenda of labor with the same focus and urgency as pandemic policy. We will vote in local, state, and national candidates that are committed to achieving labor's local, state, national and global goals. We will vote out politicians that are hostile to a world that works for working people.

Labor Day 2020 is building a tidal wave of organized labor voters in 2020! and the Labor Day 2020 Channel is produced by Life On Earth Media and Peace Channel.

Contact: Brian Webster 415-243-8900